Working  Safely Together



Nadin is a general contractor that can help you realize your vision and build your construction project through a variety of contractual agreements. No matter the project size, we are committed to providing fast, affordable solutions for your needs. Whether a municipal contract, commerical project, or private job, we possess the resources, expertise, and capacity to ensure our clients are completely satsified with our work.

Nadin Contracting is proud to provide the following services:



Sanitary Sewer

Storm Sewer

Watermain Connection

Site Development


Snow Removal

Mass Sweeping

Tri-Axle Truck Rentals

Heavy Equipment Rentals

Additionally, we supply the following aggregates:

Granular A

Granular B

Septic Sand

Crusher Fines

3/4" Stone

Gabion Rock

3/8" Pea Stone

Screened Rock

Screened Topsoil

Screened Sand

Screened Road Gravel

Every construction project has its own set of circumstances that can involve timing, legal obligations, configuration, cost limitations, financial objectives, and more. Nadin Contracting Ltd. is a construction company that offers a variety of contract types to suit your needs.

Please call the Main Office, (807) 623-4499, to enquire further about prices, and the availability of these services.